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How To Update Aadhar Card ?

It is important to check that Aadhaar information of the occupant is placed and printed in the CIDR is progressive. Many reasons needed to refresh or update your UID number due to different clarification. Linking UID number and Permanent Account Number (PAN) is important and necessary for official use, which requires all your information which is printed on both side of the Aadhaar card and should be correct and without error.
According to the UIDAI executives and members at an Aadhaar center, if you haven’t use your aadhar card for any linking process like attaching it to your bank account and PAN card for 3 years, your aadhar card can get expired and have to issue new for that. Aadhaar card is used for different use like for govt. and non-Govt. bodies. A subsidy, Retirement pensions, education scholarships, passport benefit, Bank offices, Insurance purpose, During paying your ITR, Schools, for PF regarding, Medical help and etc. Due to many errors in your aadhar card there can be many issues created for the above-mentioned purpose mainly and you cannot get any of the benefits as mentioned above. Errors or mistake or information missing like your name, date of birth sex, address, you cannot communicate with this aadhar card as is contains errors. For this purpose, you need to update your aadhar card.
Hey, Friend, I Am here to help you regarding Aadhar Card Update.In this Website, We Guide you to How to Correct Aadhar Card Online.So Please Check all the step for Your Aadhar update.
For updating the aadhar card here are the different ways given to your through which you can update the aadhar number
  • Apply for refresh/ update by post.
  • Visit an adjacent/permanent permanent enrolment center.
  • Refresh or update your subtle elements on the web/online. 
Certain people who have their cell number registered to the aadhar card will be able to updates online/web. As online updates or refresh of your aadhar card needs OTP so it is mandatory to have your cell phone registered. Want to use web services like Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) for updating your details, you have access to update only your Demographic (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile and Email).


Follow the step as mentioned below:



Step 1: Enter UID official website with the help of your own UID number. Link is as follows



In 1st Step, You Need To Fill Aadhar Number And Text Verification Then Click On Send OTP



Step 2: Check Your Mobile And See OTP (One Time Password ) & Enter In Next Screen. ( Then Click On Login ).



Step 3: Now Check Next Screen And Select Option That You Need To Correct. ( Then Click On Submit )



Step 4: In This Step, You Need To Enter Correct Detail Of Selected Field.( Then Click On Submit Update Request )


Step 5: In This Step, You Need To Upload Valid Document. ( Then Click On Submit )


Step 6: Click On “YES”.



Step 7: This is the Last Step For Adhar Card Update. In This Select BPO Provider. ( Select Any One Of Showing )



Step 8: Last Step You Showing URN Number Please Note This Urn Number For Check Aadhar Card Status Check.


Visit an adjacent/permanent permanent enrolment center.

As you prefer to visit the permanent enrolment center of UID you can get the benefit of both updates i.e. demographics and Biometrics
You just need to do simple step after going or visiting permanent enrolment center. You have to take along with you your documents and ID. your documents will be scanned and handed you back by means of physical. You have different choices for visiting the enrolment center which is preferable to you the most you can visit.
You can find your best options through the given link below https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/centersearch.aspx

What are the charges for updating the Aadhaar card at permanent enrolment center

Updating your aadhar card or aadhar number for website/web or by India post its free of cost but if you are visiting any of the authorized or permanent centers then you have to pay an amount of Rs 25 every time you are willing to update your aadhar card details.
Highlight the error on your aadhaar card form with the medium of the any stationary that can be helpful for you to do that. Update the aadhaar card form with the same language which you have used during previous aadhaar enrolment process.
Complete the form filling process by marking the area which you need to get it updated. And yes, Cell phone number is important to mention for updating any of the information or area. Providing your mail ID is not mandatory but fill up the form properly to get your proper updated newly made aadhaar card. After filling up the form correctly you have to attach your documents in the same envelope and send it to the address provided below by mentioning on the cover top with “Aadhaar card update/correction
UIDAI, post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad- 500034, India.

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